Hello! Welcome to the online home of Manningtree First Responders.

We are a group of volunteers trained by the ambulance service to respond to life-threatening emergency calls within the local area. Under the Manningtree First Responder group we run four life saving kits based in Manningtree, Brantham, Bradfield & Ardleigh. Areas we cover include Manningtree, Mistley, Lawford, Bradfield, Brantham, Ardleigh, Dedham, Wix, Little Bromley and have been out to East Bergholt, Langham and the outskirts of Harwich if required.

When a member of the public calls 999 for a life-threatening medical emergency within our local area the control centre will quickly assess the symptoms and, under certain criteria, dispatch an ambulance and a First Responder. As First Responders live locally the delay between calling 999 and receiving medical help can be greatly reduced.

Vinnie Jones has a new helper with his fight to get everyone to do CPR when necessary...introducing Mini Vinnie!